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Anode copper moulding (65)

Control room of Anode casting system (53)

Copper granules production (20)

Maerz furnace charging (44)

Anode Casting Plant

Blister fire refining is carried-out in the anode casting plant, which can produce 112.000 tons of copper a year. It was put in operation in April 1997. The shop is equipped with a tilting type anode furnace with throughput of 350 tones per day (manufacturer: Maerz Offenbau GmbH, Germany), the M-24 anode casting system with the weighing mechanism (manufacturer: Wenmec Systems OY, Finland), a charging machine (manufacturer: Dango & Dienentahl, Germany). American Combustion Inc., USA manufactured the furnace burners and a computerized control system.

A new division for primary processing and certification procedure of precious metal loaded raw material is on stream since 1998.

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