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The plant which gave birth to a town

Historical period of time when either a century or a millennium alternate with another is the time when people try to reflect on the past in order to better explore the prospects for the future. Our company, Kysthym Copper Refinery, is one of the oldest metallurgical works in the Urals. Founded in 1757 by Nikita Demidov, the company produced iron of the world-famous brand of steel "Two sables" for many years. But in 1908, on the initiative of the new shareholders led by Mr. Lesly Urquart from England, the company underwent a change in its production program and became the first copper refinery in Russia. This was because electricity had replaced steam in industry.

The upheavals of the 20th century affected our plant as well. It was very difficult to restore the production after the destruction of the Revolution and Civil War. Nevertheless, in 1920 the plant manufactured its first product - drawn copper wire - by using the remaining reserves of wire bars.

In the 1920s-30s the plant provided Russia with its first selenium, tellurium, dore-alloy and copper sulfate.

In 1956 the first electrodeposited copper foil in continuous rolls in the Soviet Union was produced, as a result of process development efforts of specialists from the company and from GIPROTSMO - Moscow Research Institute.

In the 1980s a decision was made on a fundamental reconstruction of the plant, comprising both the basic and auxiliary production facilities. Despite all political and economic cataclysms, in the past 15 years we have successfully completed this reconstruction. All the plant employees and veterans know the value of this effort: the works have undergone a complete revival. Practically all basic production facilities were modernized and new types of production introduced. The processes and process equipment used have qualified the plant as one of the ten most modern of such companies in the world. Quality systems for production of all the company's main products were certified by TÜV NORD according to ISO 9001:2008.

Our employees and management have been the makers of the remarkable history, traditions and achievements of the company. They are primary assets of the company. Their creative spirit, talent, intuition and discipline - all this is needed to work successfully. As well as over 250 years ago the basic principle that drives the plant executives and employees is the motto of Mr. Demidov, the company's founder, "Actions speak louder than words."

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