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Plant Central Laboratory

" S-mat 550 " (44K)

Microscope XL-20 (37K)

Analytical laboratory (41K)

Presently there are six subdivisions in the department:

  • Tank House laboratory;
  • Copper foil shop laboratory;
  • Analytical laboratory;
  • Precious metal plant laboratory;
  • Environmental laboratory;
  • Measurement device checking and calibration crew.

The laboratory has the following state-of-the-art analytical equipment:

  • Atomic-emissive spectrometers with induction-bounded plasma (manufacturer: Spectro, Germany);
  • Atomic-emission spectrometers with spectrum spark excitation (manufacturer: Spectro, Germany);
  • Atomic-absorption spectrometers (manufacturers: Perkin-Elmer, USA; Shimadzu, Japan; Karl Zeiss, Germany);
  • Gas-analyzers S-mat 550, O-mat 3500 (manufacturer: Ströhlein, Germany).

The XL-20 Philips electron microscope makes it possible to carry out qualitative and semi-quantitative analyses of chosen surface structures.

The company's central laboratory is fully accredited by the analytical laboratory accreditation system of the Russian Federation for technical competence and independence in field of analysis and measurement of copper products, gold, silver, secondary metal material containing precious metals, and it includes an environment laboratory.

Up-to-date equipment and highly skilled and educated personnel give the laboratory broad capability to solve a multitude of technical problems efficiency.

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